The spirit of Halloween

November 8th, 2011

As it’s not particularly celebrated in the UK, the affection and enthusiasm for Halloween in the US was a bit of a surprise to us.  It’s taken so seriously (by children and adults alike), meticulously prepared for and really embraced as a significant event in the calendar year.  So with this in mind, we got stuck in, got dressed up and spooked out for this very American of holidays.

Scary monkey man bike painting (hanging in a local, delicious coffee shop)...until you realise he's carrying flowers in his bike basket and then he becomes romantic...a romantic scary monkey man...


Beware the hungry cyclists...when it gets really bad they come out to suck your blood! Last night in San Francisco and the Saturday before Halloween made it practically mandatory for us to dress up. Thanks to the boys and Liz for providing us with awesome costumes!


Leaving SF the next day we felt it only proper to don the costumes once more to terrify the poor folk of the city...the enormous plastic axe being particularly intimidating.


It's tradition for Americans to pick their Halloween pumpkin from an enormous pumpkin patch. We saw these everywhere on the road south throughout October. Soon they'll be replaced by Christmas trees.


Even our tent got dressed up for Halloween...a futile attempt to keep aggressive raccoons away.


No doubt the drivers on Highway 1 looked twice when they saw us ride by on Halloween...certainly no one stopped to chat to us that day!


Unfortunately campgrounds are so quiet at this time of year, there was no chance for us to trick or treat. We've kept the pumpkins for the time being though - just in case any friendly Americans fancy filling them with leftover sweets from their 'treat' stash...




6 Responses to “The spirit of Halloween”

  1. Sam Wyld Says:

    I don’t wanna worry you Bedders, but Butch is looking scarily like your bro ;o) Great pics, as always xxx


  2. Edgimundo Says:

    Exactly whose axe are you calling plastic??!


  3. Emma Mehmed Says:

    Sam, you beat me to it! Time for a shave, Jams?!


  4. Mum and Dad Says:

    Even your mother did a double take on seeing that one!
    Glad you are both OK and that you are back on the road.
    Loads of love


  5. Margy Says:

    Super pics.Off to P’Boro after lunch for a quiet wknd with your Mum & Dad! no doubt there will lots of chat & some wine partaken!!!!!
    All going to Ely on Tuesday to lunch with Tony & Phil! It will be good to get together again for all of us.
    Sunday is Remembrance Day, I shall be sad to miss the blessing of Graves in Wigston, lots of folks I knew, but will go to Rachel’s with Trish & John.
    Much love to you both
    Margy xxxxxx


  6. Sparks Says:

    Glad to see you got into the Halloween mood! And the ‘axe’ is safe and sound in my apartment. Handy for those swarms of invading Vikings that overrun San Fran every year.


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