Arriving in Ushuaia, Argentina by bike

We did it!
Anchorage, Alaska – Ushuaia, Argentina
30,893km, 1009 days, 16 countries and a million memories.


24 Responses to “The End of the World (as we know it)”

  1. mario kausel Says:

    FANTASTIC !! am really glad and excited that you finally arrived at your final destiny. Big hug!!!


  2. Gayle Says:

    Amazing, incredible, frankly awe-inspiring !!! XxxX


  3. James Mcdowell Says:

    WOW!! UNBELIEVABLE, They are some stats.

    Thought i would wait until you had finished before leaving my first comment :-)

    Love from St.evenage x


  4. Jenny Says:

    Congratulations guys! What a journey, thanks for sharing :)


  5. Mum and Dad Says:

    Fantastico!!! Absolutely marvelous, knew you could do it. Through the Blog feel as if we were in your saddle bags.
    Love M & P xxxx


  6. Barbara Busetti Says:

    Amazing! Wonderful!
    Your photo actually brought tears to my eyes (for some reason?!) .. probably because your courage, passion and endurance have been sublime!

    And your sharing it (with fantastic writing and photos) has been a gift to the rest of us.. (reading comfortably from a couch or chair, I might add!) Thank you! WHAT AN INCREDIBLE FEAT!

    (now … when are you cycling back to Seattle ?!?! would love to see you!)



  7. Barbara Brent Says:

    well done. You must be sooooo pleased. It’s been a real privilege to share in the journey with you. Celebrate and enjoy………..
    Sr B x


  8. Lars Says:

    Woohoo! Congrats on getting there! I hope we can pick up where we left off someday. Do let us know when you are back in the UK. We’ll soon be based somewhere between London and Oxford if you fancy meeting up for a chat … maybe even a mini-tour!


  9. Skip Moss Says:

    Well Done! A fantastic journey from start to finish. Thank you for so eloquently sharing your ride with us. It has been a joy following your trials and tribulations and seeing new parts of our world.
    Congratulations to you both from the two of us…
    Stay safe, dream big, live large.


  10. Donette dunaway Says:

    Very well done! What a life-experience and accomplishment. Great inspiration!


  11. Jens Says:

    Felicitaciones chicos,
    Celebrate it! Wish you a good way back and a good start with your new old life.
    I am steering towards a new adventure- to finish my biketrip I have to buy a trailercito in the future ;-)


  12. Edmundo Says:

    It’s about time frankly…

    (And happy birthday James!)


  13. Inge Says:

    Congratulations on reaching the final destination of your epic journey and thank you sooo much for sharing your journey with us. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs. Thank you! xxx


  14. Christine McDowell Says:

    James and Sarah…. just amazing… hope you are both feeling wonderful… so proud of you.. and a great birthday present for you James…xxxxxxxxx


  15. lorita Says:

    So very happy and proud of you guys for stepping away from the “real”world and out on such a huge adventure !
    YOU MADE IT !!!! Great job !!!
    All the best for you future.


  16. Junie Liz Says:

    James and Sarah, you two are AWESOME!! Congratulations!! Chris, Mary and I were planning to wave to you from down under in New Zealand (two weeks from now), but you beat us to it. And I see you beat the Antarctic winter too….not an iceberg in sight. Well done! Looking forward to Skypeing with you soon…from wherever you are planning to cycle to next. Love, Junie xx


  17. Steve and Dawn Says:

    Fantastic achievement – looked tough at times but a lifetime of memories I imagine – look forward to hearing some in person when you get back – love Steve and Dawn


  18. Gareth Collingwood Says:


    Thanks for all the great photos and stories and for the great interview! I remember the mix of emotions and thoughts I had that you must be having at the end of such an epic ride.

    I predict you will be riding on another adventure in the not-too-distant future. I know I will be! Maybe I’ll see you on the road somewhere!

    Big Sur was awesome!

    El Pedalero


  19. Mary & David Says:

    Well done you two – those statistics are amazing and so is your feat! talking of which, just read your penguin blog – love their feet too – love Mary & David xx


  20. Family Pedaleros Says:

    Congratulations to you. We are happy to have been able to spend time with you and enjoyed reading the blog. And now? What will life be without being on the road? We are exited about your way home. Best of luck you brave cyclists.

    Gregor, Ronja and Lea


  21. Margy Says:

    congratulations Sarah & James, how fantastic, What else is there to do?????? Don’t answer that, your Mum will have a fit???
    So many memories and experiences, do we book tickets to see the show?
    Happy Easter, don’t know if you are able to celebrate or even be at Church, but will be thinking of you both.
    Have worked really hard this year, at least it seems so, am feeling very tired and longing for Easter Monday, complete rest I hope!!!!!. Must be getting older, can’t stand the pace anymore!
    Off to Helen & Phil’s for dinner on Sunday, for once I am not cooking Easter Sunday Lunch, all of us from here will be together, Chloe’s doing the Egg Hunt, even got out of that this year!
    Off to P’Boro’ on Tuesday to celebrate your Mum’s Birthday. John is doing well I hear, haven’t spoken for a few days, but he is taking a back seat this week, so, hopefully he will be feeling good.
    Take care as you begin your way home, Much love, Margy xx


  22. Jon Parker Says:

    Great to meet you guys – really enjoyed celebrating reaching the end of the world and reenforcing a few British stereotypes :-)

    Safe pedalling back to the UK.



  23. Quinton Carroll Says:

    Hello Sarah

    I’ve been irregularly dropping in and out of your blog ever since you left, being both impressed and jealous. Just wanted to say Very Well Done on your achievement; I am in awe.

    The office here all say hi (we’re still all here) and want to know where next!

    best wishes and many, many congratulations!

    Quinton (and the bones mob)


  24. Fede Cabrera Says:



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