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7 Responses to “Route”

  1. Helen, Andy & EJ Says:

    Hi Sarah & James
    We have savoured every blog posting of your amazing adventure: 1. to hear and see your journey progress and 2. to see that you are safe and well.
    Happy Christmas to you both, it’s certainly one you will never forget. Loads of love to you both and stay safe out there!
    From Helen, Andy & Little E xxxxxx


  2. Ann Wilson Says:

    Hi Sarah/James,
    Glad to see you are both still enjoying life on the road. I crossed at Tijuana and had no problems at all, in fact people were just as helpful as usual and I got a few encouraging blasts from passing cars. I loved Mexico and would return.
    Happy New Year and happy pedaling,


  3. Gisselle Ariza Says:

    Hola… Soy la hija de Hely y Adriana…del bambu..
    ellos me pidieron que les enviara mucho saludes… que esperan que su viaje vaya muy bien…y la estén pasando de maravilla..Y que Dios cuide muy bien de ustedes y de su camino.
    me Hubiera encantado conocerlos en persona..
    espero saber de ustedes, por favor cuidence mucho y tomen muchas fotografías…BYE.


    james Reply:

    Hola Gisselle – qué bien que encontraste nuestro blog. Por favor mande saludos de nuestra parte a Hely y Adriana, son gente muy especial que nos recibieron como familia. Tenemos los mejores recuerdos de nuestra noche con ellos en el bambu. Digales que lo estamos pasando super bien – acabamos de pasar una semana en PNN El Cocuy y hoy salimos para Medellín. Nos fascina Colombia, y espero que nuestro blog les de animo por su propio viaje hasta la Patagonia algún día…
    Abrazos, James y Sara


  4. Juan Pablo Says:

    Hey Guays..

    Nice tour you are pulling out!

    So, just wrote to tell you, if your route take you near or at Bogotá, you can write me some lines and I’ll be pleased to help you, guide you and will be delighted hearing your travel stories since I’m planing some serious touring for the oncoming years, so, If you going to Bogotá, I’m the man…

    Good luck and good ride


  5. Mike Howarth Says:

    Hey guys.

    You are almost done!

    I’ve loved following your journey, your photos and words.

    It only occurred to me after I met you both on the descent to the Chileano border and the Villa O’Higgins ferry who you were.

    Wishing you tail winds all the way to Usuhaia.

    The Yorkshire with Schwalbe in hand.



  6. Gayle & John Says:

    Hello James & Sarah

    hopefully you’re still reading messages here? Just discovered your blog in the Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook!! We’re also in the book (Central Asia, Mongolia & Russia plus a tale from the saddle…:). Hve been reading bits of your story all morning and really enjoying it plus the photos. Seems to me that you cycle/travel in a similar way as us…We’re in Laos at the moment (house-sititng) and our journey has been just over 3 years. We’re planning to take a break form the bikes and teach English for a year or so and then continue our journey in the Americas…..we won’t set off for a while but your journey has got us excited about what lies ahead. Are you also planning more cycling? A long while ago we spent 2 years backpacking and hiking through South America visiting many of the palces you biked through I guess that’s partly why I enjoyed your stories so much as I recognised many of the places….Now I think I’ll have to read your whole blog from begining to end….!!
    Best Wishes
    Gayle & John
    (the resting sloths on wheels)


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