La Guajira: North meets South

September 12th, 2012

Snapshots from the second half of Ed’s trip: a journey north into the desertscape of the Peninsula de la Guajira, the most northerly tip of South America, followed by a side trip to La Mina, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

Four by Four to Punta Gallinas

From two wheels to four (by four) - double the discomfort

Desert La Guajira Colombia

fleeting vistas distract: arid desert

Coast La Guajira Colombia

and hidden coves.

Playa del Pilón La Guajira Colombia

Guajira colours: burnt orange cliffs meet turquoise sea

Hammocks Cabo de la Vela La Guajira

rainbow hammocks

Cactus sunset La Guajira Colombia

deep red earth

Sunset Pilón de Azucar, La Guajira, Colombia

and fiery skies.

Cactus, La Guajira, Colombia

Textures: the spiky

Shells, Cabo de la Vela, La Guajira, Colombia

the weathered

Goat meat, La Guajira, Colombia

the leathery

Green shoots, Cabo de la Vela, La Guajira, Colombia

and the smooth.

Hammocks, Punta Gallinas, Colombia

Settling into desert accommodation

Hammocks, Punta Gallinas, Colombia

and adjusting to desert pace.

Punta Gallinas, Colombia

Facilities with a view

Cactus house, La Guajira, Colombia

Admiring the penthouse suite

Goats Punta, Gallinas, Colombia

and meeting the neighbours.

Truck ride, Punta Gallinas, Colombia

Heading north in style

Faro, Punta Gallinas, Colombia

past the lighthouse

Dunes, Playa Taroa, Punta Gallinas, Colombia

Mountains of sand

Dunes, Playa Taroa, Punta Gallinas, Colombia

shaped only by the wind

Dunes, Playa Taroa, Punta Gallinas

and our feet, running, running...

Playa Taroa, Punta Gallinas, Colombia

...until the land runs out. A new continent starts and ends

Dipping toes, Playa Taroa, Punta Gallinas

In the absence of tyres, we dip our toes

Punta Gallinas mural, Colombia

Only 17,000km to Patagonia

Playa Taroa sunset, Punta Gallinas, Colombia

One last sunset

Boat ride, Punta Gallinas

before a smoother ride back south

La Mina, Sierra Nevada, Colombia

and a mountain detour. Naturally carved sunbathing

La Mina, Sierra Nevada, Colombia


La Mina, Sierra Nevada, Colombia

and reflecting.

La Mina, Sierra Nevada, Colombia

Hasta la proxima, Eduar Vuchier...



5 Responses to “La Guajira: North meets South”

  1. Alison Marvel Says:

    Amazing, beautiful photographs. Hope you had a great catch up with your Bro. All the best for the next stage of your trip…. Eager as ever for your updates which keep our appetites whetted and keen for our own future. xx


  2. Sam Wyld Says:

    LOVELY shot of Eduar at the end there! Lovin’ those tan lines – smidge of naked cycling ahead, no? xxx


  3. Mary Says:

    Catch up on your BLOG now % again….so pleased you are having great time x x x x x


    Sarah Reply:

    Mary! Lovely to hear from you and glad you’ve found the blog. Hope all is well with you…? Hugs from Colombia! Sxxx


  4. Noa Says:

    Hola Hermanos! Que bonito.
    Thinking of you & blessings on your continuation.
    Love, Noa
    de Xela


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