Cinnamon Rolls – a tribute

November 19th, 2011

The cinnamon roll: a marvellous combination of heavy dough, lots of sugar, frosting (or icing as us Brits would call it!) and of course, cinnamon.  These delicious, albeit heavy, snacks have fuelled us along the Pacific Coast through the US and we are going to miss them terribly.  We’ve definitely eaten more than our fair share between us and they’ve been the motivation to keep pedalling on many a morning…”there must be a bakery and a cinnamon roll around the next corner…” you’d often hear James say…

Imagine our glee when recently one morning, at Pismo Beach that turned out to be the case, in fact not just any old bakery, but one existing solely to make our favourite treat.  We went in to purchase – it would have been rude not to – and got talking to Joshua behind the counter who was knocking up a fresh batch.  He arrives at the bakery at 3am, spends all morning baking, and understandably, no longer eats cinnamon rolls himself.  Having explained our ride to him, Joshua then proceeded to donate a free pack of four to us to keep us going on our trip…thanks Joshua!  So here’s how a cinnamon roll comes to life…


First you roll your dough….all 18lbs of it….


…then you add just a thin layer of margarine and a sprinkling of sugar…


…and the most important ingredient…lots of cinnamon…


Then Joshua’s skill comes into his own….roll it….


…squeeze it…and chop it….each of these cinnamon sausages makes about 48 rolls…enough to keep us going for at least a week…


Once they come out of the oven, they’re covered generously with frosting (which basically means lots more sugar) and they’re best eaten with a hot cup of coffee…delicious!


These guys make the best cinnamon rolls of the trip we’ve tasted so far and they’re well worth a trip to Pismo Beach if you’re ever in the area…hmmm, I wonder if they do overseas mail order?!




4 Responses to “Cinnamon Rolls – a tribute”

  1. Sam Wyld Says:

    Love, love, LOVE how everyone you meet is so generous! Fooooood, mmmmmm xxx


  2. JOE SCHWARZ Says:

    Hi Sara, bring some back with you. Your brave trip sounds exiting and the pictures are great. Best wishes to both of you, see you next year.


  3. JOE SCHWARZ Says:

    I meant exciting


  4. Harvey Says:

    Hi James & Sarah

    Despite just coming back from Everest (not the top) and off to Cambodia in 2 weeks, I’m totally green with envy. A fantastic year ((or more). Unfortunately I have to give Sarah some sound advice. (“if he doesn’t get rid of that beard, dump him!)

    Best wishes. Get in touch if you can.

    Harvey(currently enjoying a pint of JHB in the Jolly Brewer)


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