Anchorage beckons

July 6th, 2011


Gone for a ride sign on bike

Adios Inglaterra

Pre bike ride haircut for James

Sweeney Todd sharpens his scissors...

Pre ride Shoreditch haircut

...halfway through and it's all gone a bit Shoreditch...

Haircut finished

...all finished!

Pre Americas ride kit check

De-clutter your life on the road...or not

A pre ride bike check from Graham Hicks at the Cycle Surgery Peterborough

Our trusty mechanic, Graham from the Cycle Surgery Peterborough

Pre-departure pose before Americas bike ride

Cheesy farewell shot in Mr & Mrs B's garden



2 Responses to “Anchorage beckons”

  1. Whartons Says:

    Great to see the blog is up and running! Hope the flight out was good and no errr lost luggage?! Look forward to following your adventures and pretending we are having as much fun as you two will be…!
    Loads of love, Gayle, Mark, Henry and Alice xxx


  2. Steve Says:

    Hi guys,
    just found your website and really enjoying thanks.
    Just planning my own little trip and will be doing something similar. After a little advice if you have the time. How did you get on with the US visa? Ive been in contact with the embassey (here in NZ) re the std visa or an ESTA but both seem a bit unlikely. What is it in reality? I hold NZ and British Passports. Thanks in advance, cheers. Steve


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