Alaska baby!

July 9th, 2011


Leeroy's Family Restaurant since 1968, Anchorage

Leeroy's Family Restaurant since 1968

Alaskan run-around car

Hoping not to cycle into the back of any of these

Crossroads sign in Anchorage

4,490 miles from London; 2,015 miles to San Francisco



3 Responses to “Alaska baby!”

  1. Carol Moncrieff Says:

    Exciting!!!! Look forward to following your adventure xxxx


  2. Junie Liz Says:

    Hi James and Sarah, welcome to the great Northwest! I was thrilled to receive your emails sent from Alaska…have been wondering when and how we would hear from you.
    I have never participated in a blog and do not know whether I am doing it correctly. Should I create a login id and password? I saw your photos (loved them!) and am now posting a comment….hopefully you can read it. I will check your blog frequently. I can’t wait to see you, but you have a lot of adventures ahead of you before then. Have fun!
    Love, Junie


  3. Hester Says:

    Just managed to find the pictures, not quite sure what I am doing and don’t know whether you will get this message? I was so lovely to have your message on my birthday I was thrilled that you had remembered. Had a really good few days in Norfolk. Weather not too good but did’nt really matter. Did the walk from Holkham to Wells and visited Houghton Hall, shopping in Holt so all in all good time. Hope you are having a brilliant time have you left the huskies now? Lots of love, Hester


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